Bali Wedding Photography by AditiNiranjan
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Dear Thea,
We very much wish to thank the entire staff of Aditi Niranjan photography for the first class work you did on our post-wedding photoshoot. The two photographers (Wayan1 and Wayan 2)) did an excellent job in making us feel comfortable, in guiding us to different poses in a very professional way, and they really gave us the impression they knew what they were doing. And the pictures proofed us right. The album is a masterpiece, which we will treasure the rest of our lives. I can even tell I truly enjoyed this day, whereas I am usually not so fond of photo shoots. Finally, the value for money is awesome!!!
Many, many, many thanks
Oksana and Boudewijn

- Oksana & Boudewijn -
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Hi guys! This is a late post but things have been hectic since our big day!! Would like to thank you guys so much for doing an absolute amazing job with our photos and video! We were blown away with the quality and amount of detail that was put into our books and DVD! Thank you so much once again!!!

- Nathan & Keryn -
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Dear all at Aditi Niranjan...

...we would like to  T H A N K  each and everyone of  Y O U  ever so very, very much for everything - we had a total ball with you all and got the most impressive pictures: wow, WOW, DOUBLE  W O W!!!
All our family and friends are absolutely amazed every time they look at our beautiful, beautiful album - and we ourselves can't stop looking at it anyway ;-) We've got the loveliest (pre-/post-) wedding pictures anyone could possibly have - the locations are stunning and you've managed to make us much prettier and younger than we actually are. It's well and truly incredible! :-)))
And so is everyone at Aditi Niranjan!
In the beginning, we found it so hard to find the right photographers on Bali because there are just so, so many (although, when you take a closer look, it's basically only three who'd really be an option) and it took us quite some time to decide for you. But we just know that we've made the right decision - and we can wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a (wedding) photographer on Bali: not only are you all super professional, hyper reliable, mega quick and extremely lovely - not to mention not just photographers but true artist - most of all, you are all such wonderful individuals: real fun to "work" with and all just so sweet and funny and caring - we loved every minute with you lot! :-)Starting with Thea who was our constant: From the very first contact on, you've always been terribly sweet and charming, have replied to every question (no matter how stupid or annoying) with outstanding kindness and patience, and have always been incredibly helpful; then the boys, Wayan, Madé and Mario, who took those absolutely incredibly gorgeous pictures and made us look so fantastic (and loving, romantic, cool, funny and lots of other things) - and did so in such a fun way, while always being so helpful and cheerful and patient; Ani who did Bine's (and from Day 2 on also Steve's make-up) and did a fab job making us look way better than we do in real life; to the boys we never met (Dedik, Wida - and whoever else may have contributed) who worked miracles on our pictures, put together a gorgeous, gorgeous album and also a mindblowing slideshow: Thank you, THANK YOU,  T H A N K  Y O U  all soooooooooo much: you are fab people and brilliant at your jobs - and you've made us most happy :-)))
To everyone out there who isn't sure which photographers to pick: go for Aditi!!!These folks are amazing!!! Not only do they make record-breakingly perfect pictures which will make everyone turn green with envy, they also offer an amazing service! We've heard from quite a few people who opted for other companies that the first few contacts were all good and quick - until they made a down-payment; once that had been made, the replies became much slower and weren't even half as friendly. With Thea, you'll never experience that: her replies always come mega quick and are always kind and warm and supportive. And the photo shoots are so, so much fun :-) All the photographers are true professionals and really know how to bring out the best in you! However, what's coolest with Aditi is really their personalities and all the thoughtfulness and caring they put into their work: they've got cushions in the car, so you can have a nap in between the shoots, they've always got water at hand for you, and they make sure you'll never go hungry (a special huge THANK YOU to Wayan again there, who's most considerate!!!), when you've got trouble deciding which pictures to pick for the album, they'll wait for you for hours - literally (thaaaahank you, Wayan and Madé); when you've got to put off a shooting due to bad weather conditions, they're extremely flexible and adapt to your needs, if you've got any special wishes regarding pictures and/or editing, the graphics guys are always eager to help, they are all always, always, always terribly sweet and really want you to have a great time during the shootings, and great pictures when you go home - and man, do they succeed!!!
We had the loveliest time with all the Aditi crew, and we can so, so recommend them: they are all absolutely fabulous - and so are the pictures you'll get in the end :-))))
T   H   A   N   K       Y   O   U, to each of you for everything you've done: you are well and truly the best!!!!!!
We wish you all that could possibly be wished - and hope we'll be able to come back to Bali in a few years for another photo shoot! ;-)Our kindest regards and warmest wishes,Bine+Steve

- Steve & Bine -
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